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We're the top manufacturer and exporter of organic fertilizers!

Join us in promoting sustainable agriculture and making a positive impact on the environment.

Our Products and Services
Crop care

Ferax Biotech boasts of a robust product portfolio offering crop care solutions, including formulations for crop nutrition and protection. It manufactures and markets a range of FCO grade agri-inputs, which include fertilizers, pesticides, and plant growth nutrients.

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About Ferax Biotech

Ferax Biotech, established on August 4, 2021, is a privately held company with ISO certification. Our focus lies in the production and promotion of organic agricultural inputs, encompassing Chemical Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators, Soil Conditioners, Granules, and micronutrients. Situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad, our formulation plant is geared towards delivering top-notch, environmentally friendly products. Committed to our mission, we aim to furnish farmers with premium solutions that facilitate robust crop growth and maximize yields, all while keeping environmental repercussions to a minimum.

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