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Ferax Biotech has dedicated substantial investments to erecting a cutting-edge formulation plant in Hyderabad, fortified by stringent quality control measures.

Encompassing an expansive 10,000 square feet, this facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art fully and semi-automatic manufacturing equipment, as well as analytical instruments. These resources are pivotal in the production of top-notch products and formulations, ensuring a commitment to quality at every step of the manufacturing process.



With cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and analytical instruments at its disposal, the plant is poised to deliver high-caliber formulations tailored for farmers. Stringent quality control measures have been instituted to uphold precision and consistency across every product.

Ferax Biotech's unwavering dedication to innovation and efficiency within the agricultural sector is evident in the utilization of advanced technology. This commitment extends to the development of environmentally-friendly formulations designed to enhance crop yields and minimize waste. The formulation plant operated by Ferax Biotech stands as a testament to the company's pursuit of excellence in all facets of its business.


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